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Hire the Best to Fight for You & Your Family

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Hire the Best to Fight for You & Your Family

Bill Keene has handled well over 25,000 family law cases in LaSalle County over the last 32+ years. If you are looking for legal services you can trust & afford, don't wait - schedule an appointment today.

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  • Concentrating on Family Law
  • 32+ Years of Experience
  • A Rock Solid Reputation
  • Known for Honesty & Integrity
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Keene Law Offices

Bill is honest about your situation,
smart & tenacious.

THIS is the guy you want
fighting for you!

He is an experienced attorney that
gets things done!

"#1 Divorce Attorney in LaSalle County"

Stay calm during this stressful time.

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences there is. Whether each of you are in agreement to all of the provisions of the divorce, or we negotiate a fair settlement of your case, the Keene Law Offices can effectively handle your case from start to finish while saving you money and enhancing your settlement.

Your call to our office is confidential.
We will earn your trust and be your partner throughout this difficult process.

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Google Reviews

I walked into Mr. Keene's office having already been burned by another lawyer. I was scared and completely ignorant to what I should have been doing while I was trying to get divorced and I had definitely been taken advantage of before. Mr. Keene took control of my situation and gave me the kind of service you should expect from your lawyer. He fought for me and explained everything each step of the way. When I had questions, he made sure I understood what was happening. You definitely get what you pay for with him - if not more! Plus his secretary is great and super friendly.

10/10 - I definitely recommend.

"I was scared...

Mr. Keene took control of the situation..."

LaSalle County Child Custody Lawyer

Your children are worth fighting for!

As a family law attorney that regularly represents mothers and fathers in contested trials, Bill finds himself counseling people on how not to lose custody of their children. Parents have equal rights to their children. Custody laws are gender neutral, if both parents have an active role in raising their children and the given facts of a given case are applied, a court may determine with whom it is in the best interests of the child to live with permanently.

There are many factors to consider in a custody action that could hurt your case!
Let's talk. You can avoid these costly mistakes.

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Google Reviews

Bill helped me get through the most difficult time of my life and he did it not by telling me what I WANTED to hear... but what I NEEDED to hear. He was always honest and always fair, and for that I am extremely grateful.


"Bill helped me get through the most

difficult time of my life."

Ottawa Illinois Paternity Law

Focused, Relentless Representation

It is important to establish your parenting rights through the court system if you were not married at the time your child was born. Both mothers and fathers need to address their legal rights regarding their children. Attorney William Keene has been offering professional legal representation for paternity cases in Ottawa, IL since 1990.

With over 32 years of experience, he handles each case with personal attention and care, providing knowledgeable, relentless representation.

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Google Reviews

In a few words, Bill is an experienced attorney that gets things done. I am very grateful that I found him and I recommend him to anyone.

"Bill is an experienced attorney that

gets things done."

Family Law Services in LaSalle County

Orders of Protection, No Contact Orders, Visitation & Adoption

Fighting for and against orders of protection, no contact orders and visitation issues. These are cases Bill handles on a regular basis. If you have been served with an emergency order of protection - or need one - call us now! Personalized service will help you get through even the most difficult family law proceedings. We have helped countless clients navigate divorce, custody battles and all types of family-related matters with attention & care.

Rely on our experienced attorney to guide you through the legal system. Attorney, William Keene is on your side and ready to fight for you and your family’s best interest.

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Google Reviews

THIS is the guy you want fighting for you. I've worked with Bill for years and had the pleasure of learning more about how he operates his practice. The man is a complete professional, which is probably why he has over 20,000 cases (closing in on 25,000+ quickly mind you) under his belt and a rock solid reputation. To be honest - he's someone who inspires me to do better in my own business...

Do not call anyone else!

"32 years, 25,000+ cases and a

rock solid reputation."

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